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Beyond Street Legal Golf Carts at Dean Team Golf Carts

Bintelli Beyond 4PR Lifted LSV


Bintelli Beyond 4PR LSV


Bintelli Beyond 6PR Lifted LSV


Bintelli Beyond 6PR LSV


MSRP excludes tax, freight & set-up fees.

2023 Bintelli Beyond

Street legal golf carts, also known as neighborhood electric vehicles, can be driven on roads with a speed of 35 mph or less in most states. These street legal golf carts can be found on college campuses, military bases, beach towns, resorts, commercial properties, and in residential neighborhoods. Bintelli electric street legal golf carts are equipped with headlights, brake lights, turn signals, seat belts, mirrors, DOT windshields and wipers, making these low speed vehicles legal on streets.

Low Speed Vehicle

Classified as a low-speed vehicle or neighborhood electric vehicle, Bintelli’s line of electric cars and carts has been certified for use in most states on roads with a posted speed limit of 35mph or less. All Bintelli LSV vehicles come with a full 17 digit Vin number. These electric low-speed vehicles are just what you need to make every day trips within your neighborhood or community for school, work or shopping. Enjoy browsing our complete line of low speed electric vehicles.

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